Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wait, I didn't update? Important!

Sorry! Things are getting hectic over here, so I forgot about the blog xD

Well, news is: Episode 3 is out for a while now and episode 4 is on its way. Episode 4 deadline is set in december so I hope to finish the episode then as well.

Link episode 3:

Devil may cry is going well. We're at mission 19. I still have to mix the final part and then we're nearly done.

Other news:

Working hard on my school project. We are in charge of the audio, so I'll post some videos here when it's finished. ^-^

Next to that the future of the upcoming The Stranger episodes are unknown as I will leave to Canada for an internship.
It''s gonna be long days so I don't know if I will have the energy or time to do something on my hobbies, but I will do my best. I'll be gone from february till august so that is a long time.
So there is a possibility I won't release anything in a while.

Things I won;t be working on in that time are:
* Voice acting - Not for the projects I;m in or auditioning. However, I might have the chance to voice act in the studio, but I think that will solely be for work.
* Singing - Same as voice acting

Things I might be working on
* Composing - I still hope to compose for audioplays as well as making practice songs. Though this depends on the time that's left.
* Mixing - Might have time for some mixing on the Stranger. I hope so as I don't want to delay it with 6 months.

Things I will be working on
* Script writing. - I'll change the scripts I have so far for the Stranger as well as write new ones. \
* Writing on the blog - I'll have a separate blog about my adventures in Canada. Keep an eye out if you're interested. (still to be created though)

So that's it!