Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stupid East west packs!

I'm fuming. I thought I would get these packs  2 weeks ago. Now I received an email from the company I ordered it from saying it arrives in 2 weeks... *fall*
I'm not happy, not happy at all. Who says those packs will arrive in 2 weeks. I bet it will be delayed again.
This means episode 3 will be delayed with at least 3 WEEKS! I'm so sorry guys, I don't like it either.

My plans of working on my portfolio in my vacation or helping someone out with composing have to be shoved aside as well. When the packs arrive my vacation is practically over ^^;;

*rant over*

Friday, July 20, 2012

Waiting for stuff to arrive

Waiting for a new mouse.. I ordered one but it took longer than expected. My previous one died in 1 month already... It should be here tomorrow I hope, but I just can't mix without a mouse x.x So I haven't mixed anything yet. Only the previously on which I made before. Makes me feel bad as some voice actors rushed to get their lines in.
Also I am waiting for an elicencer so I can finally use my new cubase for the music and i'm waiting on my new east west packs for the instruments. And you can guess, those are delayed =.= With one or two weeks.
Next to that I'm waiting for lines from Raina as her voice actress needed more time due to some things. Don't know when those will be in.
So the episode will probably be delayed with 1 -2 weeks!
When I have everything in I'll try to get it done as fast as I can =)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Small update

Things go slow at the moment. Can't bring myself to do anything especially now it's vacation. Especially writing scripts and drawing. (so tired all the time =( )
Episode 3 is on it's way though with the deadline for the voice actors in a few days.
Devil May Cry 3 fandub has a nice progress too: Mission 14 and 15 are both short as well as 17 and 18 so we can speed through these missions to the end ^-^

Hope you all enjoy your vacation!

[Devil May Cry] Mission 13 up

Little late.. but haven't been on my blog for a while.