Monday, November 28, 2011

Character design - Deon finished

Deon is finished. Woo hoo! But... I don´t like it that much anymore, lol

I spent hours with the lighting, eventually I left it like this xD

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Scripts / story

thehurricanekid revised parts of chapter 3 and 4 and gave me some tips on writing. I was planning to write a lot on the story again within a week, but the problem is. I'm not in the mood. x.x On weekends it's my moment to write things down, but what I've thought of, doesn't look that good on paper.
Aaah, this frustrates me so much! My goal is to finish the story in december, so I can set up auditions in januari, but with this pace I won;t succeed ^^;;

Also started on writing the script for the first episode, but it's harder than expected (especially when you're not in the mood) xD Not sure how much to add in a script. Luckily I have a talk with a teacher who does storytelling on tuesday. So I can ask him some questions and hopefully he approves this story so I can score some points for school :D

Hopefully I can get some things done this week. If not writing, then finishing designs. =3

Monday, November 21, 2011

Deon character design WIP

Here is the WIP for Deon. I worked on it on school while I should be creating other characters >.>
So I leave it like this at the moment :P
I only need to add the hair! and possibly edit some shadows.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Deon character design

Here is Deon! He looks a bit too much like Jacob from Twilight now (had to use a reference for the eyes >.<)
but that will (hopefully xD) change,

Time to update! story and design plus the Lady recast,

Alright, so I finally got some inspiration and just wrote a lot on the story <3 I kinda know how the story goes but writing towards that moment is quite difficult. I hope I can keep up this pace so I can be halfway the story somewhere next week (yup I have a list I'm working with, with what I want to include in the story)

I'm also working on the designs, thanks to the movie into the wild I know how Ryan looks like. (You should totally watch that movie, it's really touching) I just finished his face and now have to scan it and continue with photoshop.
It's simple but it's helpful for photoshop.

Also I got 4 lady auditions, yaay! No need to scout as I had wonderful auditions. It's really hard to choose already xD

Monday, November 7, 2011

Story progress [2]

I have decided how to write the story. I know what will happen from the part I am now until the end. =D
Now I only need some inspiration and hurry it up. I wrote one page in a few days so I need to find more time to write so we can start scripting soon.

In the story Raina will not narrate, but only in the audio project. This is gonna be challenging to still tell the story like it is now, but then in audio.

I also know how Ryan will look like and  Raina;s friend - Lisa. I'll start designing them this week.