Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lady recast

Still no Lady auditions =( Don't think one will come. Unless you read this now and think: "hey, wait Christine! I wanna audition!" XD There is still a two week deadline though. I did have one person who send in her audition but not in the right file, didn't hear anything afterwards so I'm not counting that one.
I'm already thinking about people to scout for if I get none. I have one person in mind right now, maybe two.
If they can't then I will selfcast. I don't want to delay it any further so I will take over her part.
Didn't want to voice a main character when I started the project, but now I have no choice.

But still two weeks to go~! Hopefully I'll get at least one.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Script writing

We haven't started script writing yet, but I do know now how to translate the story to an audio project.
So far I know people won't understand the story if we translate it to sound effects and voices. We need more than that, so I have decided to let Raina narrate her story, so people will understand it more.
Also at the end of the story it is clear that she has written this as a story (and her voice was just telling parts of the story she wrote)

The end lines will look something like this:

"I've written a lot, haven't I. It is enough to publish it as a book Might not be a bad idea actually. Hmm, I've already thought of a name for if that happens : The stranger."

Hope I didn't confuse you, I have it clear in my head but can't really write it down xD
I'll be back for more updates!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Main character design finished

Yes! I've finished my main character Raina.
Here it is on my deviantart. It's still in black and white but I'll color it later.
It's not perfect but honestly I don't have the time to spend more time on it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Character biographies editing

Ah, a learning moment. Thehurricanekid has revised the character bios and added some helpful questions so I can write even more about the characters. For example, Raina has a ring, but where is that ring coming from? how does it look? I didn't even think about that. xD and more questions are added about the character's personality and history. I thought I had already written a lot in it xD But I should be explaining more how the character has become like he is now and not with just one word. Will keep that in mind.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Finished character bios and story progress

Phew! Finished the character bios. I wrote down all the important things about them. From how they look, to personality, to history.
I have five important characters now. Raina, the main character, Ryan her brother, Deon the stranger, Lisa Raina's best friend and Cathy: Raina and Ryan's mother.

There will be more characters later.

I'll post all character bios here when the audio project is almost finished. Don't want to give away too much on some characters, some things will be revealed in the story. ^^
Yes I'm sorry, you have to wait long before I release info on the story ^^;; I can only show you designs now. In januari I hope to have everything finished and start casting!

Thehurricanekid has revised my story so far and it sounds way better now. We'll be brainstorming on some ideas later this week and hopefully I can write further soon. ^^

Now i'm quickly heading to bed. Pretty tired >.< And vacation is almost over. Noo!  Working on this project will go slower starting from monday

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Raina character design!

Finally, I brought myself to drawing characters xD
I've first looked on the Internet to see what kind of eyes and mouth I wanted to use. I added those together in photoshop and drew that on paper.

Now I have this.

I only have the face, I didn't draw the hair on purpose because I suck at it on paper. I want to finish it in photoshop.

Devil may cry 3 fandub - mission 6 delayed.

I was planning on releasing mission 5 and 6 at the same time, but that won't happen.
While mission 5 will be out hopefully this week (still need lines from people actually, so it depends), mission 6 will take more than 2 weeks. The reason is that one voice actor quit the project due to personal reasons. So now I have contacted the understudy and hopefully she will respond soon. If not or she declines I have to recast Lady and post another audition thread on VAA again.
Hope it won't go that far! Then it will be delayed another month x.x

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Character bio's

At the moment I am working on the character bios.
Just finished the female main character Raina and her brother Ryan.
This week I'll try to finish the rest and also make some character designs!

Thehurricanekid is reading my story at the moment and will give his thoughts about it soon. Then we can get some ideas rolling and hopefully the story will be finished soon.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thought of a song! And progress of the devil may cry fandub

I stood in the shower and I thought of a melody that I can maybe use for the theme song from my original project. Also thought of some lyrics, but forgot the half already >.<. I do remember one part and that will also be the title of the song: can't see the real me.
The shower is really a good place to come up with stuff. xD

Also I have already received lines from two people for the devil may cry fandub. That's now mixed in. The deadline is till the 18th (I extended it because school drove me crazy for a moment and I didn't have time at all)
Mission 5 and 6 will be released at the same time as there were different voice actors in the missions. If all goes well and no one has to do redo's or send in the lines too late, then both missions will come out on thursday the 20th.
Glad we've made it this far already. =D And I'll  definetely won't stop. I really want to see mission 20 uploaded on my Youtube channel!
I've also decided (a long time ago actually) to include the last Vergil battle as that is the most important battle in the game and I thought it would make a nice ending. I've already had permission from CaT to use her gameplay video, so that's cool :D

Friday, October 14, 2011

The to do list

Alright, here is my to do list so you know what I have to do before this project will be finished.
I don't have that much time too bad, but I'll work on it on weekends and vacation and if I can when I get home from school.

So what I have to do for this project is:

1. Finishing the story
2. Writing scrips
3. Character design / making a design for the project (like a cover from a book)
4. Recording everything from the script myself and add sfx so I know how it will sound.
5. Making music.
6. Casting voice actors.
7. Mixing everything
8. Maybe turning this project in a visual one by drawing pictures.

And that's it. It will take a while, but we'll get there! Hopefully it's done before my second school year ends.
If everything goes well, I can probably score at least 18 points for this. :D

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Story progress

I've finally decided on an ending for the story.

While it is a horror story it won´t have a disturbing ending. I always have the tendency to write a bad ending, that everyone will die, or at least a lot of characters xD Not saying no one will die though =P
I know I'm still being vague about it, but don't want to tell about it too much before it is finished.

Tomorrow I´ll share the story I have so far with thehurricanekid and he will help me change some parts and make it even better. Can't wait to finish it! I rarely finish stories and when I do it's always rushed.

As you have seen I've also added a character design from the main character on this blog. Next week in my vacation I'll start on another main character. Raina

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hey guys!

So, this is my first post. It all starts now.
Let me explain what is going on.

I´m studying communication and multimedia design. We have to score 60 points a year which is quite hard to do. Now I've been thinking about starting my own project for a while.
I love writing stories and it would be awesome to make one come alive.
At the moment I'm busy with a horror story which is called: The stranger(now 10 pages) and that one will be turned into an audio project.
I've talked to my mentor about it and I can use this project for points as well.
Everything will start this friday. As I have vacation for a week and can work on it fulltime.

I already have help from an awesome script writer - thehurricanekid- who will help me bring this project come alive. So that's good news.