Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guys cast!

Cast list for the guys is up! It was difficult. I was hesitating between the top 3 so much >.<
Raina will be cast next week and then we can start. Luckily I have a part mixed from episode 1 already so there wont be much work in that. Only the music will be a problem and time managment.
But we'll make it work!

It will take a while before the  first episode comes out though. This because I'll have to do quality and monitoring: Asking for feedback from a bunch of people and change it and ask for feedback again until it's right. I'll send script 2 in the meantime so that will follow quickly though

But I shouldn't think about that yet.  First Raina has to be cast =D

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Deadline tomorrow and composing update

The deadline is tomorrow! At least for the male parts as I have most auditions for them.
Raina will have an extra week and Lisa, Cathy and Melinda an extra month. At least they will be cast around the time episode 2 will come out. So they can start recording for the next episode early.

So if you still want to audition for an evil guy, a protective brother or some minors that show up every now and then. Then now's still the chance. =D


At the moment I'm figuring out what kind of music I want and when it starts to play.
I think most pieces will be background tones with a melody every now and then. I
nstruments that will be used are the piano,  the violin,  perhaps the flute and a voice. It's simple, but still can be used for different kinds of moods.

I will try to compose some things today and tomorrow so I still have enough time to change it.

Monday, March 12, 2012

March Update

A teacher is monitoring my project and recently gave me some feedback on it. Basically he was pretty impressed by my scripts and I was going the right way. =D Of course there were some things I did have to think about in my scripts, but that´s a minor thing. Tomorrow he'll send me the feedback so I can take a look. 
Havent been script writing since episode 5, but will try to pick it up this weekend again.

Also still in the process of casting! So if you're interested , audition! The deadline is in 13 days and I could still use some more. Especially female auditions