Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Focusing on composing

The Stranger is going nowhere as people don´t respond.
So I'm focusing on music now. As I have a hard time starting composing, but when I do start I spend hours on it I have decided to work on it every day for at least an hour.
I need to do so many songs, but thinking about it my mind goes blank, that's why I will compose music I want to do too.

The list for now is:

Nayru's song - The Legend of Zelda Oracle of ages (nearly done)
Din's dance - The Legend of Zelda Oracle of seasons
Main theme - Game of Thrones
Rains of Castimere (?) - Game of Thrones
Some final fantasy song.
Uncharted song.

next to that I have to make a menu song for a classmate, cover a few band songs (Van Halen o.o) and create a lot of ambient songs.