Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

Accepted Sony vegas's crash

I'm okay with losing half of the episode now. This means I can balance the audio more of that part and I realized it shouldn't take that long as I have an example to follow exactly, so it's only recreating.

I do have a horrible cold now though, that kept me away from my laptop. It's still not over (I actually feel sicker than before) so I can not work on the Stranger just yet. I think somewhere next week! =)

Stay tuned. I could upload a preview so there is already something to see. Should I? Yes, no? =P
Maybe the first minute or so. =D

Edit: Uploading a preview from the first 90 seconds really soon. I only notcied that sony vegas starts crashing again while I'm in a new document and only have 8 files opened. I think the corrupted rendered thing is clashing with sony vegas or one of my voice actor's files is not working properly o.o Guess I'll change the format in audacity in order to prevent it

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Later release of episode 3 >(

I'm furious! Thanks to that piece of shit of a sony vegas I have to redo half of the episode!! I worked HOURS on that to make it perfect, but thanks to a wrong unknown rendering mistake it's basically all gone. Can't re-render it either as it crashes the moment I click on the project so I was 'lucky' to have rendered some of it.
Thanks a lot sony vegas.. thank you for delaying this episode again.

Unlucky with sony vegas

Sony vegas hates me! I managed to work through its crashes but now the crashes makes working on episode 3 impossible =( It crashes after 10 seconds and even crashes during rendering. Even if he survives the rendering or anything then it messes up all audio and sound effects and mutes certain pieces randomly afterwards which makes it impossible to continue with.

I managed to render the 9 minutes I have now in two parts (THANK GOD!), but this does mean I can't edit the volumes of the voices or sound effects anymore =( if something is unbalanced in the end, then sorry about that

Episode 3 - composing! and news about next year!

Alright, I have most lines edited. Ready to mix the last scene, but that shouldn't take long!
There is one problem though, my sony vegas crashed when I crash somewhere at the beginning till halfway of the track o.o so I have to watch out or I lose some progress.

Only thing that is really left is composing. I need at least 2 / 3 songs, maybe even 4 and then it's ready.
I'm not the fastest in composing, now especially with school next to it that also demands my attention.
I hope to have it done this week, but sadly can't promise it =(

Next to that I also got accepted for an internship in Canada. This means I will be planning a lot in the upcoming months and  Iwill leave for at least 5 months (february till july)
This doesn't mean The Stranger is on hold.. I'll try to find some spare time and still work on my projects and composing. ^-^ But, this does mean the upload rate will be slower.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Stranger - episode 3 nearly done!

I've got all lines in! Thanks to the understudy for Raina. She sent in her lines within a week ^^
So, all I have to do now is mix the last intense scene, record a few sound effects, add footsteps and compose music for the scenes that needs it and done!
Next to that I have asked for a few redo's, so I hope to get those soon as well.

I don't know when it'll be released but it will be at least this month ^^

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Stranger is back

We are back! Episode 3 will be released in a few weeks.
The understudy for Raina will step in for episode 3 and then the original voice actress will return for episode 4 and onwards ^-^