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Voice acting - resume

Thought I post it here. Projects I've been cast in but never seen the light of day; and parts that did get released.

You can click on the links for the scene or audition. Do note that some of them are fairly old. For every ongoing series I will post a link to the most recent episode. 

(2011 -  early 2012)
If you are interested you can still check them out.

Projects going on and my character appeared. 
Devil may cry 3 – Nevan - finished
final fantasy VII – little girl - finished
Final fantasy IX – Beatrix, extra's
Dark Cloud – woman 1 - finished
Mermaid melody - Rina
Bleach – Karin 
Freezing - announcer - finished - link deleted
The lion king Gender bent - Skarra singing and speaking in the last scene.

Original projects - Projects going on and my character appeared.
Consequence of attraction - Lady Elizabeth of Belleley

(late 2012 - now)


[Commercial] 10 Dutch commercials for

Projects going on and my character appeared. 
Shadow hearts - Episode 3 -5.1 Lt. Col. Kawashima 
Final fantasy VII - innkeeper
Halo Machinima - Ensign Flores 

Original projects - finished
[Sims] Who's skyler thompsen? - Alice Fuller - 
[Audioplay] For Tomorrow - a Tale of Rebellion - Ennis Loveless

Long term project, finished (click modname for the link, character for video):
[Mod] Skyrim Dovahkriid Grenzganger Shia -  Shia 2 starting from 6:20 
[Mod] Skyrim: Interesting NPCsMisha, Wench, Sevrilla and Ange (a bard)
[Mod] Skyrim: Hellspire Realm of the fallen - Cassandra, Arial, Lilith and Emelia 
[Mod] Skyrim: Helgen Rebuilt - Orianthi, (Josslin and Kar)
[Mod] Skyrim: Falskaar- Helena:, commoners, bandits, female shouts
[Mod] Skyrim: Mrissi -  A tail of troubles - Isael


Projects that's still casting / preparing to start

Projects that started, but my character didn't appear yet
Tangled clips – Mother Gothel 

Original projects - casting at the moment or preparing to start
[Anime] Kaigan - extra's
[Sims] Caused to fall - Nelte
[Animation[ Journey - Susan Adams

Long term project, still in development:
[Mod] Dragon age shattered war – Elsi, Indeera, Viktoria 
[Mod] Skyrim Valton chapter 1 - Annika
[3d game] Ronin's rising -  female villager
[2d game] Fryske taal game (Frisian language game) - Ghost kid
[Mod] Skyrim: Valton: The new hold - Annika
[Mod] Skyrim: The savior of Tiberia Morwyn - Tiberia Morwyn
[Mod] Skyrim: Spellmaking (- Evelyn Brolus, Vralla
[Mod] Skyrim: Maids II: Deception - Sera
[Mod]:Skyrim: Battle against Doben - Djenna
[Mod] Skyrim: (Project name Unknown) follower - Sofia


Cast, but never started, or silent / cancelled without appearance.
(These videos are fairly old)
final fantasy XIII- Vanille - vids got deleted
Final fantasy XIII – Fang and Jihl - cancelled
final fantasy VIII- Kadowaki, kid irvine, kid zell, kid squall, shiva, adel, flo, Julia and train announcer - never started
Only you can hear me audio– extra's - grandma - never started
Umineko no naku koro ni – Gaap - never started
Final fantasy XIII - Mother Farron - never started
Kaichou wa maid-sama - Sakura - never started

Romeo x Juliet - Mother - never started
DISSIDIA012(duodocim) Various clips - Ultimecia - never started
Final fantasy VIII Love Grows – Fujin - never started
Sailor moon – Rei Hina - never started
Final fantasy VIII – Ellone - never started
Final fantasy XII clips – Ashe - never started
Final fantasy Stop motion - Jihl Nabaat
Devil may cry 4 parody - Gloria / Trish
Tangled full fandub - Mother Gothel - never started
Dog Days - Leonmitchelli Galette des rois and Opening and ending song - never started
[Mod] Dragon age- Lily
Original - Cole's gate – Christie

Silent projects which can be picked up again in the future
final fantasy VIII – Ultimecia and Kadowaki

final fantasy VIII- UltimeciaEdea, Fujin and Raine
final fantasy VIII – Xu
[Audioplay] Game Day, Phase 1: Secure - Adams -
[Animation] ConFlict - Naikir 
Game] EYES: It Doesn't Matter - Tahsha

Officially cancelled, but did start
Final fantasy VI – narrator - 
final fantasy VIII – Episode 1.2 -2.4 -  Selphie 


Devil may cry 3 - Epilogue - FINISHED
The Stranger - Episode 4
Switch - Indie game - (sound designer and composer) - not released yet, might be cancelled


Devil may cry 4 clips
Possible student project

Monday, February 20, 2012

Casting thread online

Hope you audition ^-^

Character bio - Melinda Roberson

Full name: Melinda Roberson. (Muh-lin-da)
Nickname: Mel
Age: 48
Birthday: 26-8-1948
Eyes: Green.
Hair color – Blonde
Hair length – Long curly
Height: 1.73 (5.67 ft)
Appearance: Normal
Family worthy of mention: Raina, Ryan, Cathy
Friends worthy of mention: - Bella
Personality: Melinda is a woman who enjoys life. She lives in the moment and doesn't care much about the future. She is chaotic. While her attention may be focused on one subject in one moment, she can find it diverted in the very next moment. She seeks fun and in her zeal, she sometimes forgets other people's needs and opinions.  She likes change; the frequency with which she alters the appearance of both herself and the interior of her house attests to that. It depends on what mood she is and what she wants at the moment.
Despite her strange behaviour at times she does care a lot about her sister and niece and nephew as she doesn't have children of her own.
Hobbies: Painting,  watching movies: preferably romantic ones, going out with friends
Loves: Art, her family
Hates: -Not knowing how to handle some people's emotions
Voice: Medium – medium high, 
History: Not important at the moment

Jealousy rate: 3
Patience:  3 -  She often expresses any sentiment on her mind with little disregard for the opinions of others.
Panic rate: 3 – Melinda remains calm about most situations.
Anger rate: 2 – Not angry,
Honesty: 8 – She doesn’t lie much, only when it's really necessary

Character bio - Cathy Miles

Full name: Cathy Miles
Nickname: -
Age: 46
Birthday: 23-5-1965
Eyes: Green
Hair color – She dyed it brown/red.
Hair length – Short
Height: 1.70 (5.6 ft)
Appearance: Normal
Family worthy of mention: Raina, Ryan, Melinda
Friends worthy of mention: -
Personality: Cathy is stressed most of the time. In particularly distressing situations, she talks too much and may seem confused. She wants the best for her children but knows she can't give them everything. Because she is easily overwhelmed, she is unable to give full attention to her children.  She wished she could be the mother who could listen and help them out with their problems.
When something is wrong with her children, she gets extremely worried and can't help but imagine the worst case scenario at first, though she later grows more positive.
Her mood changes from time to time. One day she can be extremely depressed and the next day she can be very cheerful.
Hobbies: Reading calms her down
Loves: Her children
Hates: The way she is now
Voice: Medium, medium-low
History: Cathy was a helpful, caring mother. She enjoyed life and worked in a flower shop. After her husband died, everything changed for her. She grew so depressed that she quit her job. There were times she didn't want to leave her room. Her daughter took care of everything in the house at moments she didn't want to leave her bed. It's gotten a little better after seeing a therapist but she's not back to her real self. She is doing better physically, but still exhibits psychological troubles. She has mood swings and the bad moods occur more than the good moods.

Jealousy rate: 4
Patience: 6 – Cathy is quite patient, but when emotional trauma occurs (either in her life or others’) she always wants to hurry the recovery process
Panic rate: 8 Cathy can't handle stressful situations, particularly very horrific tragedy.
Anger rate: 2 – Not angry, but more emotional and depressed. She will get angry at herself or God for taking away good things.
Honesty: 9 – Cathy doesn't lie much. She only makes things seem worse than they really are.

Character bio - Lisa Rose Moore

Full name: Lisa Rose Moore
Nickname: Lisa
Age: 17
Birthday: 29-12-1994
Eyes: Blue
Hair color – Blond
Hair length – Bangs, Her hair reaches her shoulders
Height: 1.66 (5.3 ft)
Appearance: Normal, she's wearing small earrings, no piercings, no tattoos.
Family: Mother, Father
Friends worthy of mention: Raina, Britt, Haley
Personality: Lisa is an energetic gir. She is hard to miss her as she is mostly loud. The only moment she is quiet is when she is in shock or extremely worried.
She can be extremely nosey and can't hide her curiosity for something. She isn't afraid to speak the truth. It may come out harsh but she always means well.
Hobbies: She has a passion for music so you can often see her writing her own lyrics or playing the piano. She loves watching movies with friends or just hanging out with them.
Loves: Movies, Music: she mostly listens to classical music and movie soundtracks. She also plays the violin.
Hates: Being unable to help people
Voice: Medium-high, high
History: Not really important

Jealousy rate: 4
Patience: 3 – Lisa is really nosey. Whenever there is something she wants to know, she tries to persuade someone to tell her.
Panic rate: 5 Lisa seems calm, but when she can't help anyone with a problem, she can starts to panic
Anger rate: 3 – Lisa is way too happy/hyper to become angry. Only when something bad happens to her loved ones she will show her anger. She knows what it's like to be an outcast and to be bullied. She resents those who would cause this kind of pain to others.
Honesty rate – 8 – Lisa is honest about most things, even if the truth will hurt.

Character bio - Deon

Full name: -will be revealed-
Nickname: Deon
Age: Unknown, but he looks 20
Birthday: Unknown
Eyes: Dark
Hair color – Black
Hair length – Spiky hair
Height: 1.78 (5.10 ft)
Appearance: Normal / muscular build,
Family: Mother
Friends worthy of mention: None
Personality: Deon is a mysterious, deceptive guy. He tries to hide his true identity as he knows how people will react when they learn the truth. He doesn't care if he has to lie about his life.
He doesn't trust people easily, especially not after he was betrayed in life. Still, he tries to look for that special someone who will understand him and can maybe help him. He is mostly full of hate and the thought of revenge dominates his thoughts. When someone lets him down, he makes sure that person will pay for it. He will do everything to succeed in his goal. He feels lonely most of the time and always yearns for someone keeping him company.
Hobbies: Going on adventures, visiting places that are dear to him
Loves: Visiting places that belong to his family, pretty girls
Hates: being lonely, people who let him down
Voice: Medium, medium -low
History:  To be revealed

Jealousy rate: 9 – He is jealous of other people's lives. 
Patience: 2 – Everything has to happen whenever he wants it.
Panic rate: 1 –He has no fear.
Anger rate: 9 – He is angry at everything, blames himself and others and feels misunderstood.
Honesty rate – 3 While Deon is honest about his feelings he does lie a lot about his true identity.

Character bio - Ryan Miles

Full name: Ryan Miles
Nickname: None
Age: 22
Birthday: 3-3-1989
Eyes: Brown
Hair color – Brown hair.
Hair length – Messy, not too long not too short 
Height: 1.83 (6.0 ft)
Appearance: Normal / muscular build, One tribal tattoo on his arm which he regrets already, it is a standard tattoo and doesn't have a special meaning. He thought it was cool at the moment. Next to that he has no piercings, no jewellery.
Family: Sister Raina, Mother Cathy
Friends worthy of mention: Steve, Pete, Alan
Personality: Ryan realized after his father's death two years ago that life could be over in a minute. That's why he doesn't take anything seriously anymore. He just wants fun and often does things he normally wouldn´t do. He acts rashly most of the time, especially when he is excited.
While he doesn't seem to take much seriously, he does see his responsibilities in the family as an important duty of his. He tries to help his mother and Raina in every way he can.
When something terrible happens, Ryan has problems with controlling his anger. He tries to hide it, sometimes he succeeds, but sometimes you better stay away from him.
Hobbies: Making documentaries, hanging out with friends,
Loves: Raina, his mother, (ghost) adventures, hanging out with friends,
Hates: That some things don't go the way he wants them to.
Voice: Medium-high
History: Ryan was rambunctious and rebellious when he was little, but as he grew up taking care of his little sister, he became a sweet little guy. He passed high school and went to University where he studied film, but had to drop out to return home when  his father passed away. That moment he realized that life is precious and can end without warning or reason. He felt that school was just a waste of his time. He started to focus more on making short films and documentaries and decided to delve into ghost hunting when he started watching the series Ghost Adventures. His fascination with ghosts sort of started to control his life. He would go through a lot just to get some evidence on ghosts. He spends most of his time on the internet, watching ghost videos and scouting locations of ghost sightings. This has been hampering his sleeping pattern for quite a while now.. 

Jealousy rate: 5 – Not a really jealous type, it just happens randomly
Patience: 4 – Not the most patient guy, especially when it comes to ghost hunting
Panic rate: 4 – Ryan keeps his cool easily in a scary situation, but his anger management is a glaring weakness.
Anger rate: 7 – He can become angry quickly whenever someone he loves is in distress. His anger persists until he finds a solution.
Honesty rate: 5 – Ryan likes to lie sometimes about where he is going. He also lies  whenever he feels the other person can't handle the truth

Character bio - Raina Miles

Full name: Raina Miles
Nickname: Rain
Age: 18 years old
Birthday: 23-5-1993
Eyes: Green / blue
Hair color: Dark brown
Hair length: Long reaching the middle of her back
Height: 1.75 m / 5.72 feet.
Appearance: Normal build, no tattoo's, no piercings, only earrings. She also wears on her right hand a ring which she got on her eighteenth birthday from her mother. It has little angel wings which her mother says represents guidance and protection. Her mom wants to show she will always watch over her children even if she can't show it all the time. 
Family: Brother Ryan, Mother Cathy
Friends: The only person who she calls a friend is Lisa. She can get along with other people, but they are not worthy of being called a friend in her eyes. After her father's death, Lisa was the only one who was consistently making attempts to comfort Raina. Other people kept their distance as they didn't know how to handle the situation.
Personality: Raina is a girl who appears strong after what she has gone through, but often bares her emotions as well. After her father passed away, she lost some of her penchant for adventure and now prefers a stable, peaceful existence. When there is an opportunity to do something wild and daring, she holds back, but she is easily persuaded, and her brother knows exactly how to do that by talking about their past.  When he speaks about their memories, he knows Raina secretly longs to have another adventure together with him. 
She is quite patient even when someone tests her patience, which is something she's learnt while dealing with her father's death.
She is a caring person who puts herself aside and thinks of others first.
Hobbies: Writing stories, drawing, painting, photography, filming. When she was twelve she was fascinated by books because literature always inspired her to utilize the full extent of her imagination. This stimulation of her creative faculties helped her develop a curiosity for art as well. She tried to draw the scenes she pictured in her mind when reading stories . She practiced drawing by making sketches of real-life people, animals and scenery. This fascination with wanting to capture the reality of life led to her passion for photography. Ryan got her into filming as that is his speciality.
Loves: Her mother, Ryan, Lisa, writing stories, photography and art, music
Hates: People who look down on her, death, being lonely.
Voice: Medium – Medium high.
History: Raina grew up as a healthy happy girl. She earned good grades on school until her father died in a car crash. Everything seemed to go wrong afterward. She failed her school year and fell into depression. She needed to see a therapist because none of her friends and family could help her. They tried to cheer her up by taking her out to a movie or dinner or even on vacation, but Raina just couldn't accept her father's death and thought she didn't have the right to be happy.  When she got better, she started to take care of her mother who grew ill from all the stress and grief. She wouldn't get out of bed as she was tired and overemotional and these afflictions would cause her to suffer from debilitating headaches.  Now her mother is doing a little better, but she still has the tendency to be a bit overbearing with her maternal instincts.
While going through the tragedy, Raina built a stronger bond with her brother Ryan.

Jealousy rate: 3 – Raina doesn't care much about what other people have. She only envies some people who still have a father. She wishes she could still have that.
Patience: 8 – Raina learnt to be patient when she was going through therapy. She had to learn that her troubles cannot be alleviated immediately and that people just need time to deal with certain emotions and problems. Raina was a bit hasty in that when she was going through therapy, she expected to be her old self soon again after a few sessions.
But by setting up goals for herself and talking about her accomplishments with the therapist, Raina noticed that she was slowly doing better and that a lot of things simply need time.
Panic rate: 7 – She panics quickly when she doesn't know what to do.
Anger rate: 5 – Raina can get angry whenever people don't understand how she is feeling.
Honesty rate: 8 – Raina has trouble hiding her emotions when something is troubling her. She looks distant and is more reserved than usual. When someone asks if something is wrong she seems a little nervous. She doesn't tell it right away, but thinks about it first for a moment.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Great news!

So I've been analyzing my story and that made me feel more confident about it. 
I'm working on the casting thread right now -> searching for good lines for the auditions.
This means the casting thread will be up tomorrow! 
In a moment, or tomorrow I'll also upload the character bio's. So you have more information than on the casting thread itself. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reading books

I´m reading the book: Ideas for a short animation and wow, it taught me a lot.
You should read this if you want to learn more about characters and stories. It does revolve around short animation but you can use it for every story.

I know I have to ask myself a lot of questions now about my characters and stories. To be honest I didn't have a set-up but the characters just came out of nowhere. At the character bio's I actually started thinking about them (and I was at page 10 at that point) and I know I should learn about them more so you know them too. If I ask myself those questions I will know exactly how they will respond in every situation.

I will think through my story a little more before I put it online.
Should have done this earlier.

Here are some questions that may be useful when you have finished a story.

1. Who is your character?
2. What is your character’s goal?
3. What is your inciting moment?
4. Does your confl ict rise?
5. What is your character’s reaction (not action) to the confl ict?
6. What does your character need to learn?
7. Does your ending relate to your beginning?
8. Is your audience entertained?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting sick

Aw no. I'm getting a cold >.< That means I can't spend much time on writing script. With the headache I will have limited computer time. This means the cast thread will be posted later.
So sorry guys =( It will at least be posted in february

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Scripts, scripts and scripts + Devil may cry update

I don;t have that much time, but i'm doing my best to finish the scripts. At the moment I am at episode 5 o.o and I'm halfway the story. Lol, it will be a long project by the looks of it.
I just got into a new project group and have to go to school from 9 - 4 (home at 5) 
And I have to begin learning 3d so I need to put a lot of time in that. But i'll try to work on my project on evening / nights, just to have a little break from 3d. 

Devil may cry update.

Mission 8
voices: 66%  - one voice actor has a cold so it will be delayed
Mixed - just some footsteps and a door sound effect has to be added, but that will happen as soon as I get the last lines.

Mission 9
Voices: 66%  - 
Mixed: Nearly done. I do want to change the bat sounds.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Casting thread news

I will be posting the casting thread in about two weeks. I'll try to have finished as many scripts as possible, but if I don't succeed then I will still post the casting thread.
I'm afraid I'll run behind schedule if I keep delaying it. Still have to think of what lines to do for the auditions, other than that the casting thread is pretty much finished.