Monday, January 30, 2012

[Design] Casting picture

This picture I will be using for the casting thread. This drawing came out of nowhere actually XD
I'm trying to make Deon fade away and fade in again, but if it doesn't work I'll keep it like this.

I love how it turned out, I'm getting better at drawing faces ^-^

Alright, Ive got the image moving. =D

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Story finished

Oh yeah, finally finished the story. It was really hard to write the last few pages. I never know how to end it beautifully >.> It may be changed though during revising. I wasn't fully in the mood writing the last few pages. This is probably because I just wanted to have the story finished and transitioning from idea to idea was never my strongest point.

Now its time to work on the scripts. The story will be different. Lots will be added, but also many things will be deleted as they won't translate well into an audio project. We'll see how it goes and we'll see how far we'll get with this project.

The biggest thing I'm worrying about now is the time I need for composing. I do need the lines before I can start composing as it has to match the story.
I have at least already decided what music I want to do. It will be piano music with some instruments added like strings.

Story progress [5]

STORY NEARLY FINISHED! I'm writing the last (two) pages =D It's going quite slowly, mainly because I'm not fully in the mood to write. If I read the parts back that I just wrote it just sounds so dull for the moment.
I'm sure I have the story finished tomorrow. Hopefully can change some parts and then focus on the scripts.

I can already tell you there will be a lot of drama xD especially Raina likes to cry, panic and scream. (well okay, she doesn't like it xD) Hope I didn't make her too whiney o.O at least she is okay at the ending and admits her mistakes. =P

thehurricanekid is still busy revising chapter 5. So the full story should be completed in about two weeks. Yay!

The character bio;s will be up here soon. The reason is that I have too much info to put in the casting thread. They rather want the personality limited to two lines while I have half the page. So it's better to have a link to it for if they want more information. ^-^

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Not much has happened T.T I had a deadline for school and had a lot of stuff to finish for that. Yesterday I had voice acting to do. So from now on I can finally work on The Stranger.
Somewhere next week I have an appointment with a teacher so we can discuss the story and scripts again. Hopefully he can help me further and give me some good advice.

Cast thread just has to be posted in February. I'll work as hard as I can to finish the story this week and finish at least a few more scripts before I have that appointment with the teacher. Then the only thing I have to worry about are the auditions coming in and composing music. Oh and finishing two more character designs ^^

Monday, January 16, 2012

Story progress [4]

I know I said I would finish the story, but I have to write two different endings now as I can't decide which one will fit best. One is just too predictable and maybe unnecessary; the other is better but it depends on my writing. 
Thehurricanekid is revising the last written pages so I'm waiting on that before I continue. Why? Because I want to make sure the previous pages sound good. xD He will also help me decide which ending will be chosen eventually.

So yeah there will be a delay =( I don't have that much writing left (except for working on the ending) The casting thread will probably be posted in february. Hopefully earlier. I do have some days off at the end of January. 
No worries yet, not that much behind on schedule. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[DMC] Estimated release mission 7

Due to redo's and request for extension mission 7 is much later than planned.
The estimated release is 14-1-2012. This because the lines will hopefully be in and I will be fully available for mixing then. I started school again after a two week break so having time to mix on a workday is difficult.

Status at the moment:
Lines in: 75%
Mixing: 60% - lines have to be added and certain sound effects (weapon and stabs). I also need to look at the volumes.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Story progress [3]

Finally wrote something on the story yesterday. I also know exactly now how to write the story.
I'm pretty close to the ending come to think of it. Some things will be different than I imagined before starting this blog. Don't want to make it too long as I already have three scripts before the real plot begins.
Will try to finish it this week. When I start casting I'll also ask if people want to read the story. If so, I'll post it on here soon.

edit: Another 5 pages done. Been writing for two hours now =D Now I'm really close to the end. Will finish it this week; I'm sure of it.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A small update

Haven't worked on my project for days. My mother's foster mom passed away so that took away my mood. Also I had a lot of lines to do and focussed on that first.
I hope I can finish more episodes next week, write on the story and also post the casting thread.
Mixing episode 2 is almost done, but I think mixing will be easier if I have the cast lines, that will also be more fun.

We'll see how things go. I will have a talk with a teacher about the music production, so hope I'll get some help in that.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year! and updates on projects.

Happy new year to everyone who reads my blog! XD
Hope 2012 will be an awesome year for you.

Script update: Episode 2 is revised, only need to think of more lines for The stranger, Episode 3 is almost finished. Just have to edit a few things, get rid of narrating and such.

Mixing update; Started test mixing. I have episode 1 partly and now I am working on episode 2. It's still hard to use certain sound effects as they don't let you know what is going on x.x For example someone is hitting the camera, it just sounds like someone hits the mic XD

Music update: Working on some songs, I have two short songs finished and they will be used in the first episodes =D

Devil may cry update: Episode 5 and 6 will hopefully be released this week. Only still waiting on the Dante lines. Also waiting on two more character lines for episode 7. =D Still have to mix the fighting scenes between Dante and Vergil as well, but will do that when Dante's lines are in so it's easier. ^^