Saturday, January 12, 2013

New project - album

What? New Project?
Why yes!  I'm working on another project for school only. This won't be an audioplay (Might turn into one later) but will have to do with composing. As I need expert points for design I have decided on creating a movie soundtrack album with approximately 12 songs.
 At the moment I'm in the middle of writing a story (and will upload it when it's done! )Then I will start composing a theme song, songs for the scenes as well as a song with lyrics and of course a credits song which will be based upon the lyrics song. The catch is, I have less than 3 weeks to finish this as I could never start writing the story (writer's block) and I have my other school project next to it, but that one is finished next week =D (will be updated here as well)

So in these three weeks I'll:
* Write the story
* Read music theory and other composing related books
* Create a song with lyrics (think of Far over the misty mountain cold from the Hobbit or Gone from snowwhite and the huntsman)
* Create a longer version of that song with more singers (tribe? =D Will do some casting if this happens)
* Analyze the scenes and compose soundtracks that are theoritical correct.

Oh I hope this works out well. The music will be like: Pearl Harbor, Resistance 2 and Battle: Los angeles and later on will have influences from Avatar (in the last three songs or so)

Hope I have my story done tomorrow so I can start reading and composing. 

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