Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What is changing in the Stranger

Finally determined exactly what is to change in the story. The approach at first didn´t make sense and I felt it didn't connect that well. I also had huge doubts about the topic I was going for in the story but as it just occured in my family I'm now dropping it completely.

What changes?

* Deon's behavior. He will be less evil, but more manipulative also towards others.
His goal also changed.
* Ryan's and Lisa's response towards Raina.
* The people around Raina change some actions.
* The ending changes completely. It will be less 'happy' than I first had in mind.
* Less horror, more psychological. It's quite hard to demonstrate horror in an audioplay xD
* Raina will be slightly stronger as the situations changed.

Yeah, something like that. The idea is there, but now I still have to write it in the scripts which is a challenge. I now have to determine what to keep from the original story and what to change. If I change one little detail it will have impact on the rest of the story.

So yeah, I'm still working on it people! Just a little slow also due to personal things that happen around me.

In April I will be back in Canada, so it's uncertain how much time I'll have when I start my internship.


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